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The library

Our library is modern, user-friendly, and a great place to visit.

It has a wide variety of books that caters for the interests of most students. We have eight computers that students use during library lessons and at lunch time.

Students in Kindergarten, Year 1, and Year 2 are immersed in a variety of texts including, picture books from the fiction section and non-fiction. The students gain an appreciation of books and hopefully a love of reading.

During their library lessons, the students listen to stories, discuss them and complete an activity about some aspect of the book. They also learn about conventions of a book - front/back cover, spine, author, illustrator, title blurb, characters, plot and moral, just to name a few.

Students in Years 3 to 6 focus on information literacy. The students are immersed in, learn, and utilise the information process, which takes several years to master and involves the research of many different subjects. Each year the skills are built upon and enhanced, ensuring that the students leave at the end of Year 6 as independent researchers. The installation of the interactive white board has enhanced the teaching and learning of the information process.

Library borrowing

Each class is rostered to visit the library once a week. Students will need to bring a library bag to be able to borrow on their library day, the bag is to protect library books. It would be appreciated if lost and damaged books could be paid for.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Each year students from Gloucester Public School are encouraged to participate in the Premier's Reading Challenge.

Students who complete the challenge will receive their certificates at the end of the year.

Please find book lists and their Premier's Reading Challenge ID number (by adding the Book ID makes it easier to allocate the books to the students profile) on the Premier's Reading Challenge website.